• Maloto local partner
    Kwithu Kitchen featured
    on the TODAY Show.
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  • Children at community
    based organization, Kwithu
    Women's Group in Malawi.
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  • Kwithu Kitchen showcases
    its tomatoes & canned goods
    at the Trade Fair in Malawi.
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  • Student from Mzuzu
    Academy, international
    secondary school to
    educate Malawi children.
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  • Volunteer Claire Whipple
    leads children's activities
    at Mzuzu Academy.
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  • Volunteer Jake Koshland
    works in the tomato gardens
    of Maloto's local partners.
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Kwithu Women’s Group is a community-based organization founded in 2004. Kwithu, meaning home, was founded to create a loving, supportive environment for vulnerable children. The dedicated group feeds hundreds of orphaned children three times a week. For many of these children, this is the only food they eat. Learn More »

For less than $10 each month, you can feed a child.


Recognizing that quality education was one of the biggest challenges facing Malawi, Maloto worked with local leaders and the community to build Mzuzu International Academy – the first internationally accredited secondary school in northern Malawi. Opened in September of 2010, Mzuzu International Academy offers its students a diverse, vibrant learning community in which all strive to succeed collectively as well as individually. Learn More »

Please help send a child to school by supporting Maloto’s secondary school fund.


Kwithu Kitchen was founded on the notion of moving beyond aid to innovation. Capitalizing on their agricultural experience and entrepreneurial spirit, the women of Kwithu worked with Maloto to establish Kwithu Kitchen. Kwithu Kitchen is a women-owned food-processing cooperative focused on producing value added agricultural products. Learn More »

Please support the expansion of Kwithu Kitchen.

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